Favors for degree in psychology: which to choose and how to buy

Bomboniere per laurea in psicologia: quale scegliere e come comprare

Le favors for degree in psychology they have some typical elements that allow all those who are endowed with greater attention for this welcome gift to recognize them immediately: in fact, they have the traditional PSI letter in evidence, to distinguish this course of study and the profession that will derive from it.

Of course, nothing prevents you from being able to customize yours favors for a degree in psychology in another way: let's try to understand how!

Psychology degree favor ideas

As you can see by taking a look at our site, there are so many ideas for a beautiful psychology degree favor. For example, you can create favors for a three-year degree, master's degree or specialization in psychology in various ways, such as sachets, bags, graduation boxes in red color, and with many touches that can seal the achievement, such as parchments, books, theses and much more!

How many confetti to put in the psychology degree favor?

Graduation also deserves to be celebrated with excellent sugared almonds! The practice dictates that their number be odd. So, depending on the size of your graduation favor, you could insert three, five or seven confetti. Of course, CDAlloro takes care of everything!

What to write on a psychology degree favor card

According to tradition, the graduation favor must be accompanied with a note in which to write the name and surname of the birthday boy, as well as the type of faculty and specialization achieved. Obviously, space must then be left for the date of the proclamation.

How many graduation favors to prepare?

The number of psychology graduation favors to prepare intuitively depends on how many people you want to invite to your party. Generally speaking, a reference number that you could take as the basis for your private postgraduate ceremony is around 20-30. Nothing prevents you from preparing more favors: in fact, you can also deliver them to those who have not been present at the party, but to whom you still want to leave a good memory.

How to order the favors for the degree in psychology

As with any type of faculty, you can order them favors for your psychology graduation party in CD Alloro.

Once you have chosen your homemade product from our catalog, insert it in the cart and confirm the order (make sure to provide at least 7 days before the graduation date!). Once this is done, on the same day of purchase you will be contacted by one of our representatives who will arrange with you the details of the order, the day of delivery and the customizations you want to implement.

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