Graduation favors: history, tradition and meaning

Bomboniere per laurea: storia, tradizione e significato

Le graduation favors they are small containers in which sugared almonds or some gifts are placed, in order to leave loved ones a pleasant memory of the moment of the celebration of the achievement of this degree.

But where does this custom originate?

And how can we adapt it to today's context?

Where the custom of giving graduation favors is born

The origin of the use of wedding favors in our country is very remote in time, so much so that already in 1400 the tradition of exchanging confetti boxes between married families had spread widely. In any case, this trend has been the subject of an import from the French borders: according to the most reliable reconstructions, in fact, it was the French who gave birth to the custom of giving favors. And, in fact, it is certainly no coincidence that the term favor comes from the French bombonniere!

From wedding favors to graduation favors: a not so short step

Either way, it is clear how today the favors are an object of very common use, and how they have long since gone beyond the sphere of marriage alone.

However, the step was not a short one. In fact, it seems that only after the war did the tradition of giving favors spread even on the occasion of other important events in one's life, such as births, baptisms, confirmations, communions and - indeed - graduations.

In short, considering that nowadays it is possible to give a favor for any occasion (or almost) you will certainly not make one gaffe in donating a graduation favor to all the people who will go to the event or, perhaps, to all those people who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony but were still close in the most important moments of your life.

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