Law degree flower bouquet: which one to give?

Bouquet di fiori di laurea in giurisprudenza: quale regalare?

As we have remembered several times on these pages, flowers are an elegant, refined and appropriate way to express your feelings and emotions for a special occasion. And what more special occasion than graduation, the crowning of one's efforts as a university student?

Bouquet jurisprudence, which flowers to use?

In principle, nothing prevents you from personalizing your own bouquet for law degree as you prefer, perhaps using the graduates' favorite flowers.

If, on the other hand, you want to respect university fees, flowers of the same color as the university should be chosen.

Regarding the law graduation bouquet, the perfect flowers are the blue / light blue ones. In any case, considering that many faculties in Italy differ from the more traditional color combination, our advice is always to check with the faculty secretariat which color tones are used by the institute.

The best flowers for the jurisprudence bouquet

At this point it should be clear the intent of the one who wants to give a bouquet of flowers for the law degree. The alternatives are in fact mainly two:

  • compose the bouquet by inserting the favorite flowers of the birthday boy
  • use flowers of the same color as the faculty.

Having said this, it is also good to remember how in reality the habit of following the above guidelines have passed into strong disuse. Today, in fact, you prefer to buy a bouquet composed by an expert, which can use floral elements combined in a pleasant and aesthetically flawless composition, which almost always includes the laurel, a reference component when you want to celebrate the graduate (by the way, you have already taken a look at our catalog of laurel wreaths?).

For example, if you like to take a look at some of our customers' favorite models, you can look at a graduation bouquet with stabilized roses, bridal veil and laurel. Or, the highly sought after spicy graduation bouquet with sunflowers!

If then in ours catalog of bouquets for law degrees you shouldn't find anything that's right for you, don't despair: just contact our artisans to have an expert at your disposal who will build your bespoke bouquet!

How to order the flower bouquet for the law degree

Once you have decided which bouquet to buy, simply add the product to your cart, accept the terms and conditions, enter the place of delivery and payment methods. Once this is done, during the day of purchase you will be contacted by one of our assistants to establish all the details of your order, the day of delivery and the customizations that suit you best!

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