Floral bracelets for graduation: accessories to customize for your event!

Braccialetti floreali per laurea: accessori da personalizzare per il tuo evento!

Some time ago the product family CDAlloro it has expanded with some graduation accessories that could become your new favorite purchases, and that in these pages we will present you, week after week, in order to improve your knowledge with the very rich range of alternatives that are available today on our site.

Today is the turn of the floral bracelets for graduation: nice and prestigious bracelets that you can put on your wrist and on the wrist of all the guests, in order to distinguish the participants in the event in a simple and effective way: let's find out more about them!

Floral bracelets for graduation: laurel and stabilized roses

The first new entry in ours catalog of floral bracelets for graduation consists of floral bracelets, or corsage, with laurel leaves, satin bow and stabilized rose - in red, yellow, blue, pink or white, purple, orange, light blue, etc. depending on your preferences, or the color adopted from your faculty!

It is an ideal item to wear and combine with your graduation wreath, or that you can give to all attendees at your special day, in order to be able to assign them an object with which they can recognize themselves. The effect will not fail to be appreciated, in what is probably the choice of greater tradition and classicism.

Discover ours Graduation bracelets with laurel and stabilized rose

Graduation bracelets with mixed flowers

A second opportunity that we have prepared for those who, like you, are looking for a really effective way to be able to creatively celebrate their degree or the graduation of a loved one, is given to the choice of graduation bracelets with mixed flowers.

Our corsages made with bay leaves and mixed stabilized or artificial flowers can therefore include the presence of different variants, depending on the availability of the season and the imagination of our craftsmen. We are talking about red berries, chillies, lavender, heather, ears of wheat, bridal veil, and laurel.

Of course, before processing, if you need to, we will share with you which flowers can be used, thus allowing you to receive a product in line with your expectations!

Discover ours graduation bracelets with mixed flowers

How to buy graduation bracelets with flowers!

It's ours graduation bracelets with flowers they seem to be right for you, and you want to proceed with the purchase, all you have to do is enter these products in the cart and confirm the purchase indicating the place of delivery and the method of payment.

At that point one of our representatives will contact you in order to define the details of the order and agree on the delivery day, in line with your preferences and - of course - in time for your unforgettable graduation!

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