Laurel wreaths, how the deposition at the Altare della Patria works

Corone d’alloro, come funziona la deposizione all'Altare della Patria

On our site we take care of meeting the requests for laurel wreaths from all over Italy on a daily basis to celebrate the efforts of recent graduates.

However, if you took a look at the news today, you probably realized that one of the typical celebrations of June 2 is that of deposition of the laurel wreath by the President of the Republic at the Sacello del Milite Ignoto, inserted in the Vittoriano Complex, in Rome.

But what does the label foresee on this occasion?

Theurel wreaths and homage to the Unknown Soldier

The deposition of the laurel wreath it is a symbolic homage to the Unknown Soldier, whose Sacellum is inserted in the Vittoriano. The meaning of the gesture is intuitive: it is a thanks that the country, through its institutions, perpetuates in favor of all those who have given their lives in the fulfillment of their duty.

Who can lay the laurel wreath

Precisely because it is a gesture that is carried out on behalf of the Fatherland, pursuant to the current provisions issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the deposition of laurel wreaths must take place by the President of the Republic on the occasions of the most important national holidays, such as those of:

  • 25 April
  • June 2
  • November 4th

On these occasions the President of the Republic is accompanied by the highest institutional offices of the State.

Theurel wreaths and gifts from others

Of course, this does not mean that other laurel wreaths and other gifts cannot come to the monument. Think, for example, of those that can be provided by foreign authorities, such as a head of state visiting Italy: in this case it is certainly admitted that even the foreign authority can lay a laurel wreath as a tribute to the nation in they find themselves and their fallen, as long as they are accompanied by an Italian Authority of equal rank or by another Authority specifically delegated for the occasion.

Gifts from citizens, entities and private institutions are also allowed, but only if previously authorized by the Ministry of Defense, to which a specific request must be made on the forms on the website.

Finally, we remind you that only the official flags and banners in force can have access to the Altare della Patria, while no private or partisan flags and banners can be displayed. The same goes for uniforms, which must necessarily be the official ones in force. Also the use of foreign symbols must be authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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