Large Laurel Wreath for Graduation: an XXL wreath to amaze!

Grande Corona di Alloro per Laurea: una corona XXL per stupire!

Our team is always at work to reserve you the best of laurel wreaths for a three-year or master's degree. To confirm this, today we want to introduce you to the latest addition to our family: one large laurel wreath for graduation, of XXL size, which will certainly not go unnoticed!

Especially suitable for master degree (but nothing will prevent you from using them also for three-year degrees), the large laurel wreath for graduation it is an object that will allow you to celebrate the birthday boy in an original way, distinguishing himself from other recent graduates for size and care of the product.

XXL laurel wreath for graduation for an event to remember

In the last few months we have been working on the idea of one original laurel wreath for graduation that could amaze all those present for quality and size. The result of these efforts was the laurel wreath for XXL master's degree that you can already order from our shop, and that will allow you to get hold of a prestigious object that will envelop the birthday boy with its breadth, enriching one of the most important days of his life with further creativity.

As happens for the others laurel wreaths that you can find on CDAlloro, the Italian reference point for those who want buy laurel wreaths online, our new one corona extra large it is made entirely by hand by Emanuela, who selects the best bay leaves from organic farming one by one, thus allowing you to have a unique product of inimitable quality.

In addition, like each of the crowns you find with us, you can request any kind of customization, such as the addition of berries and roses, or even ribbons of different colors, depending on the shades of your degree course.

In short, everything you need to have an original, Italian and 100% organic laurel wreath!

How to order a giant laurel wreath

Order a giant laurel wreath it is very simple, considering that all you have to do is choose the relevant model and put it in the cart, then indicating the payment methods and the shipping location.

You will therefore be contacted within the day by one of our managers in order to discuss the details of your order, the customizations required, the day of delivery and any other special request that we will be happy to satisfy: put us to the test!

Combine other purchases with your XXL laurel wreath

Finally, we remind you that you can match your XXL laurel wreath with other products that we have recently introduced in our store.

For example, you can give a wine for graduation to the birthday boy and to those present, or choose the best ones bomboniere for this occasion, or one of the graduation accessories that we recently added to our catalog, such as i floral bracelets o i placeholder. And what about our beautiful ones bouquet?

And if you want to know even more, you just have to contact us!

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