Laurel wreath online: how to keep it?

Corona alloro online: come conservarla?

You just graduated and would like to keep the laurel wreath as a pleasant reminder of one of the most important moments of your life?

Or have you not yet arrived at this pleasant event, but still want to carry on trying to understand what are the activities that you will have to put in place in order to maintain this beautiful and meaningful object over the years?

We have the right answer for you!

In the next few lines we will try to understand how to keep the laurel wreath over the years, so that you can admire it again whenever you want, in order to get the right inspiration or to show your loved ones an indelible memory of "that" day ...

How to keep the laurel wreath

Of course, one thing is sure: in this "recipe" on the conservation of the laurel wreath you will have to compromise, considering that it is inevitable that the laurel wreath will lose its color and brilliance as the days go by.

So, unless you intend to "enclose" your laurel wreath inside a block of resin, you will have to resign yourself to seeing the beauty of our crowns deteriorate in part!

Anyway, it's not a drama!

An "aging" laurel wreath, in fact, can be characterized by an additional charm, an even more attractive and lived-in look that… you certainly won't mind admiring!

Preserve the laurel wreath with lacquer

Having clarified the above, here we are in the heart of our in-depth analysis. That is to say, how to keep the laurel wreath in such a way that it can withstand the years?

The first thing you should do is to "strengthen" the leaves and the natural elements of the laurel wreath to prevent them from peeling and rotting.

The easiest way to do this is to help you with a simple one hair spray. Spray the lacquer on the surface of the leaves ONLY (not over the stabilized flowers): while this will not prevent them from losing the beautiful green color they had on graduation day, it will still allow you to fix them to the structure without falling off. 

Repeat this operation approximately every 10 days, as the days go by you will notice that your laurel wreath will soon acwhore a remarkable resistance ... so much so that you can wait for it on a wall or put it in a drawer without fear of it breaking!

Another excellent method concerns the conservation of the crown in a glass case or frame with a bottom. After being hermetically sealed, the crown will remain in perfect condition even for years! Before inserting it into the frame, we recommend that you always spray some hair spray. 

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