Laurel wreath for Master: is it used? Which one to choose?

Corona d’alloro per Master: si usa? Quale scegliere?

As all our customers know, CD Laurel is the reference website in Italy forpurchase of laurel wreaths for recent graduates but ... not only! For example, have you ever wondered if the laurel wreath is used for the Master? Or if at the end of this training it is not customary to use such a frieze?

In the next few lines we will allow you to find out with us: we will see together whether or not the laurel wreath is used for a Master and how you can choose your best specimen!

Laurel wreath Master: is it used or not?

Let's start immediately by specifying that there are no precise rules for the use of the laurel wreath and, therefore, there are no particular impediments for the use of such a wreath at the conclusion of a Master!

Therefore, if you think you are celebrating the conclusion of this formative path by adorning your head with that of a beautiful laurel wreath, you can certainly do it by choosing one of our best variants (you find here!).

The same, of course, is true if your friend or family member completes the Master's degree. Give a Laurel Wreath to Master it will certainly be appreciated, especially if you choose to donate a quality crown, like our models which - we remind you - are made entirely by hand from natural and 100% Italian ingredients.

It is also true that the choice of one laurel wreath for Master it is much less common than the laurel wreath which is used more widely for the end of first level degree courses. But beware: not only should this not discourage you from using a laurel wreath for a Master, but it will be able to further highlight this choice of yours!

How to choose the laurel wreath for the Master?

The first thing we suggest you do to find out how to choose the laurel wreath for the Master is to take a look at our fantastic collection of crowns for graduation: the catalog is constantly updated, and you will immediately realize the main alternatives that we have the pleasure of preparing for you by hand.

However, if you believe that the range of our standard proposals is not for you, do not worry: contact us at contact details you find here to build your next laurel wreath with us, customizing it in the dimensions, shapes, materials and colors used!

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