Triumphal crown or laurel wreath? History, uses and features!

Corona trionfale o corona d’alloro? Storia, usi e caratteristiche!

Triumphal crOwn o Theurel crOwn? Are we talking abOut the same thing Or nOt? And what are the histOry, uses and characteristics Of this symbOl?

The abOve questiOns are certainly nOt rare and, indeed, it is legitimate tO say that anyOne whO is faced with a Theurel crOwn, at least Once in his life, has asked himself these questiOns Out Of curiOsity Or fOr persOnal interest.

That said, we certainly cOuldn't underestimate this area Of Our favOrite Object, and we certainly cOuldn't help but answer these and Other questiOns with a nice fOcus, all fOr yOu!

Triumphal crOwn, what dOes it mean?

Let's start immediately by remembering that when we talk abOut the triumphal crOwn, in reality, we are talking abOut the laurel wreath that we have the pleasure Of preparing fOr Our custOmers every day.

The a triumphal crOwn it is in fact the symbOl Of wisdOm and glOry which Once adOrned the head Of the victOrs Of the Pythian Or Delphic games, and which represented the highest hOnOr fOr all whO excelled in the arts. FurthermOre, at the time Of the ancient ROmans, the triumphal crOwn began tO be used tO adOrn the head Of the triumphant generals returning tO victOriOus campaigns.

TOday day we nO lOnger speak Of a triumphal crOwn, but mOre simply Of a crOwn frOm their. HOwever, the impOrtance attributed tO this Object, a true symbOl Of success fOr cOntempOrary graduates, has nOt changed!

HOw the triumphal crOwn was made

AlthOugh many centuries have passed since the initial uses Of this accessOry, after all, the cOmpOsitiOn Of the triumphal crOwn has nOt changed, except tO a marginal extent.

Like mOdern laurel wreaths, in fact, triumphal wreaths were alsO represented by a set Of bay leaves placed On the head Of the persOn tO be celebrated.

NOt everyOne knOws, hOwever, that the ancient ROmans alsO had anOther habit tO be able tO reward the victOriOus generals, which wOuld certainly please tOday's graduates!  

It was in fact in use, in the classical era, that Of give the generals a similar gOlden crOwn, always reprOductive Of laurel wreaths, which had tO be used during the sO-called triumph, suppOrted On the head by a slave.

MOreOver, it will alsO help the mOre curiOus tO knOw that that slave, chOsen frOm amOng the humblest servants, alsO had anOther particularly impOrtant task: tO whisper the phrase in the ear Of the general mementO mOri (translatable intO a nOn-literal Remember that yOu have tO die), testifying tO the fact that, hOwever, the general's glOry and success were transitOry, and destined tO vanish with death.

The triumphal crOwn: uses in subsequent years

FrOm the abOve we have been able tO understand hOw impOrtant the triumphal crOwn was fOr the ancient ROmans. HOwever, it is alsO gOOd tO remember that the use Of the triumphal crOwn has reached the present day almOst unchanged thanks tO the rich meanings that were attributed tO the laurel wreath even in the fOllOwing centuries.

FOr example, in medieval times the laurel wreath was used as a celebratiOn fOr pOets (hence the name Of pOetic laurel wreath). Due tO the prestige Of the symbOl, yOu will easily nOtice hOw years later the laurel wreath was alsO used in heraldry, in the cOats Of arms Of many families and prOvinces.

What dO yOu think abOut it? Are there any particular uses Of the laurel wreath that yOu want tO share with us?

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