Laurel wreath for a three-year or master's degree

Coroncina d’alloro per laurea triennale o magistrale

The day of the three-year degree or of the master's degree you are approaching? Then what you need is probably a nice one laurel wreath that can allow you to celebrate this day with the right amount of meaning, and allow you to celebrate the happy event with an element of timeless prestige, used to adorn the garment since the Roman era.

So if the laurel wreath for a three-year or master's degree is what you think you might need to be able to seal a special moment of a loved one, it will surely be useful for you to know that about CDAlloro find everything you want (and much more!).

Laurel wreath for graduation, to each his own!

Within our site you can find one laurel wreath for every taste!

From the classic laurel wreath at the laurel wreath with chillies, you will have a truly extraordinary range of alternatives, which you can then ask us to customize to your liking by contacting our staff of artisans via email or WhatsApp.

We remind you that all our laurel wreaths are strictly composed of fresh bay leaves, from 100% organic Italian agriculture. Raw materials respectful of our Nature and the craftsmanship of our work, which we are happy to produce one by one, entirely by hand, with the usual passion and dedication.

Suitable for men and women, our laurel wreath will never go out of fashion, and will allow you, once worn, to still be able to smell the scent of the bay leaves that compose it.

How to buy the laurel wreath

If at this point we have convinced you, and you think a beautiful laurel wreath to buy is what it takes to be able to better prepare for your graduation appointment, all you have to do is take a look at ours collection of laurel wreaths, and choose the one you like best (or, better, that you think the birthday boy or girl might like the most).

Once you have chosen the laurel wreath to buy, just add the product to the cart, accept the terms and conditions and then proceed through the check-out, entering your details and the shipping address (and, if you have one, also inserting a discount code) .

Then choose the shipping method and the payment method and… in a short time you will receive a confirmation email. Within the same day of purchase you will receive a contact from us to establish all the details of your order, such as the day of delivery, any customizations and the requests you would like to submit to us.

Contact us!

If you want to know more about ours laurel wreaths for the bachelor's and master's degrees, there is nothing left to do but contact us: we will be happy to provide you with any support to discover how simple and advantageous it is to buy your next laurel wreath at CDAlloro.

First, if you prefer, you can also take a look at the answers we have formulated to frequently asked questions that are put to us by our customers. It will be the right opportunity to learn more about our extraordinary laurel wreaths!

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  • Davide

    Ho acquistato una corona per la mia Laurea, la ricevero’ settimana prossima quindi non posso ancora fare commenti sulla stessa che dalle immagini sono sicuro che sarà bellissima, ma desidero iniziare a complimentarmi per l’ottimo servizio, la massima disponibilità e cortesia.
    Grazie complimenti

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