What do you write on the cards for graduation favors?

Cosa si scrive nei bigliettini delle bomboniere di laurea?

According to tradition, in graduation favors cards the name and surname of the graduate, the faculty or specialization achieved, the date of proclamation of "doctor" must be indicated.

Be careful though. Although this is the most usual and used form, nothing prevents the graduate and loved ones who will follow the arrangement of the favors for him to adopt some variations, if they deem it necessary or preferable.

Precisely for this reason on CDAlloro we recommend all our customers to give vent to their creativity, indicating in the card everything they want, in the way they consider most useful.

Cards in graduation favors: what to do?

That said, what we recommend doing is also the adoption of a little attention in the preparation of the cards for graduation favors. Considering that the details make the difference (even for your graduation favors!), do not be in any hurry to prepare your cards and, if in doubt, stick to the more traditional forms or ask us for a hint!

Graduation cards, some creative ideas

For example, if you have no idea how to set yours up graduation cards and the more traditional form does not satisfy you, you can resort to some of the latest trends.

One of these is to report your social references on the note of the graduation favor, such as the Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram address.

Alternatively, you can write on the tickets of the graduation favor a little thought to thank the person you are asking for this welcome gift. If you have the time and the right desire to do it, you could even prepare a note with a very small personalized thought for each of the recipients of the favor.

When in doubt, sobriety is better!

In any case, if you have doubts and are uncertain about how to proceed, it is always better to opt for the more sober and prudent choice. Try to think about how you want the favor to be remembered in five or ten years: are you really sure that extravagant and creative idea will look like that in some time?

In short, if you are perplexed, go quickly towards the more traditional form and we are sure that you will not go wrong.

We naturally take this opportunity to remind you that our artisans are at your complete disposal to accompany you in choosing the best favors for graduation: try to contact us to find out how you can customize them and receive them at home in a few days!

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