The Laurel Wreath: when was it born and what is its meaning?

La Corona di Alloro: quando nasce e qual è il suo significato?

Hello lads! 🤩 Welcome to this Cdsection, where we will tell you about the birth of the laurel wreath and its meanings. Are you curious? 🤓
Well let's go!


Have you ever wondered who first wore a laurel wreath? How did he make it? We and!


The answer to these questions is not easy at all, in fact we should go back about 2500 years and ask some Roman or Greek how it was made. Reading here and there, we know that the laurel wreath was worn by poets as a symbol of wisdom and wisdom, and also encircled the head of the winners at the Panhellenic games of ancient Greece. The laurel wreath manifested glory, strength and wisdom.

Everything is in the meaning of the term "Laurel": noble plant sacred to Apollo, and is present in both poetic and artistic representations. If we were to play a game, and enter the museum and count the number of times we see a character in a painting with a laurel wreath on his head, we would realize how much it used to be in those days to wear this important crown.


But that's not all: the laurel 🌿 is an evergreen, it grows all year round, and this also refers a little to its eternal and immortal being; if you think of Laura di Petrarca, the name is indicative: in addition to bringing elegance and wisdom with it, she remains alive thanks to the poet's verses. (always thinking about the meaning of eternal, in a laurel wreath can you distinguish which is the initial and final part? :)

But now we come to our graduation wreath. 👨🏻‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓 The term "degree" itself derives from laurel, therefore every student, at the end of his university career, having achieved "wisdom" is crowned with a laurel wreath. 

If once the one without decorations was the most used, in 2019 the variations are endless. From the one with red berries, to the one with roses🌹, strawberries🍓, ladybugs🐞 and so on.

Now, if you are close to graduation 🥳, but even if you are not, you can already have a look at our website, where in the "Special Cdcorone" section you will find all the possible variations. We at cdalloro always want to increase and improve ourselves, so if you have any proposals for customizing the crown, we will be super happy to satisfy you. Maybe even giving your name to the crown you made! 😍 What child? 


Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this Cdsection, and I hope now you know a little more about the graduation wreath and laurel in general. 🤙🏻 


Today's Cdsection - History version is over, hi guys !! 


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