Degree parchment: when it is received and how to request it

Pergamena di laurea: quando si riceve e come richiederla

The parchment graduation it is a certificate that certifies the achievement of a three-year, master's or specialist degree. But when do you receive the degree parchment? And how to apply for this certificate?

What is the degree scroll?

Before understanding how to receive the graduation parchment, we remind you that this document is the final certificate, with legal value, that the University draws up at the end of the course of study. It is issued to all students who have requested it, upon payment of a contribution for expenses, at the same time as the degree application or at a later time.

The degree parchment is therefore an official document, which shows the title of the title obtained, the class (if any), the date of achievement. On the other hand, the final grade or other data relating to the university career is not indicated. However, mention is made of honors in the event that this has been conferred by the graduation commission.

The parchment also reproduces the signatures of the Rector and the Director General, or their delegates who are in office at the time of release. The format is on A3 paper, bleached, 160 gr.

How to receive the parchment in the three-year degrees

Each university has its own rules for the attribution of the parchments of the three-year degrees.

For example, some institutions organize University graduation ceremonies, events managed on average twice a year (spring and autumn) and in which the parchments are delivered.

Therefore, when the registrations for the ceremony open, graduates who have already discussed the thesis are invited to participate in the same. Those who choose not to participate (or if the event is not foreseen), can still obtain their degree parchment by filling in the appropriate application to be presented to the competent office. The parchment will be delivered by hand or, alternatively, sent by post.

How to receive the parchment in master's and single-cycle degrees

Those who obtain the title in a master's or single-cycle degree course usually receive the graduation parchment the day of the proclamation itself.

In some universities, however, the degree parchment is delivered at a later time, upon request to the Faculty Secretariat. We recommend that interested students contact the Studies Office directly, considering that the rules change according to the universities (in some, for example, the parchment can only be collected after the second month of the event). In other universities the parchment is not sent but can be delivered to the applicant's delegates.

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