Graduation lunch: tips and ideas

Pranzo di laurea: consigli e idee

If after years of hard work and studies you have finally reached the finish line of the Graduation, you will probably be amazed at how many things need to be sorted out near the day of the ceremony: once the thesis is discussed, in fact, the day will be consumed with parties, graduation lunches, photos and much more.

In short, organize a graduation party it will take you some time. And if you don't have any close relatives or friends to delegate these tasks to, you should probably start thinking about it as soon as possible.

But what about the graduation lunch? What are the idea e i advice that you should keep in mind

Where to organize the graduation lunch

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that it would be appropriate to organize the celebrations in one easily accessible place, possibly not too far from the place of the ceremony, especially if the discussion of the thesis will take place shortly after lunch or in the late afternoon.

Also remember the need to calibrate the choice of your graduation lunch venue with the weather. If it is summer or late spring it may be useful to organize lunch in an outdoor setting, which may have a garden or a terrace.

If, on the other hand, the session is autumn or winter, it would naturally be preferable to focus on a place that has indoor facilities.

Of course, nothing prevents the graduate and his loved ones from organizing a graduation lunch at home, if it is considered preferable for time management reasons or for budget saving needs.

Buffet or menu-based graduation lunch

Given the above, the choice of graduation lunch mainly falls on the buffet, especially if there are many guests and you want to organize a less formal convivial appointment.

In this case, the banquet can consist of tartlets, pretzels, mini pizzas, vol-au-vent to be filled in many ways, cold cuts of all kinds offered on attractive cutting boards and, of course, ample space for beverages, from wines to water. , passing through other drinks, to satisfy the tastes of all the guests.

Speaking of tastes, it is always a good rule to provide vegetarian and vegan proposals, or those for people intolerant to gluten, in order not to make anyone feel excluded from the celebrations.

Cake for graduation lunch

Whether it is rectangular or round, has fruit or chocolate, there are references to the event or is more "generic", the cake can only be one of the protagonists of your graduation lunch.

Our advice is to make a themed one, accompanied by small sweets that, even in this case, can satisfy the palates of all your diners, with particular attention to those who have food intolerances or allergies.

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