Laurel wreath price: how much does it cost?

Prezzo corona d’alloro: quanto costa?

Graduation day is approaching and you want to celebrate it with a beautiful Laurel crown? You are definitely in the right place! Ma how much does a laurel wreath cost? What is the price of a laurel wreath?

How much does a laurel wreath cost?

If you're wondering what the price of a laurel wreath, the answer is… it depends!

The scissors of costs of a laurel wreath it is in fact quite vast, considering that it can be influenced by the materials used, by the customization requested by the client and by many other elements that you can easily explore by taking a look at the selection of our best laurel wreaths.

To answer your questions, however, we can share with you that one of ours Italian laurel wreath, with real bay leaves from organic farming and some customizations that will allow you to make your next frieze unique, it costs between 60 and 75 euros, with free shipping and all the advice you need!

Laurel Wreath Price: Save 10%

Per make buying your next laurel wreath even more convenient, we have also decided to reserve a very pleasant surprise for you: one 10% off% immediately available for your next purchase!

  • We have thought of a 10% discount code for you every time you purchase two or more items from our catalog. Whether it is Corona + Bouquet, Corona + Favors + Bouquet or any other combination, with the code "CDBOX10" you will have a 10% discount.

Only requirement: in the order there must necessarily be the Laurel Wreath. All the details WHO

Easy, right?

Low cost laurel wreath price

In order to make our products accessible to as many people as possible, we have chosen to lower the prices of laurel wreaths without affecting the recognized quality of our production that hundreds of customers have already had the opportunity to touch.

Of course, we do not exclude that you can find some on the web low cost laurel wreaths, at the price of 15 or 20 euros. But are you sure that's what you want on your head or that of a loved one?

Remember that the laurel wreath is a real symbol with which to seal one of the most important formative events of one's life, and that a poor quality laurel wreath… will stand out - negatively!

We also remind you that all our laurel wreaths are handmade, one by one, according to your instructions. In fact, we allow you to customize all the main elements that make it up and accompany it, allowing you - even in just 24/48 hours! - to have a unique, distinctive and emblematic product.

And if you want to know even more, we invite you to contact us using this page. We will be happy to answer all your questions and build your next laurel wreath with you step by step!

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  • Paolo Rossi

    è possibile visionare il passaporto dell’alloro per essere sicuri che si tratti di vere foglie di alloro italiano?

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