1. How long in advance do I have to buy the Laurel wreath for graduation?

The crown must be purchased AT LEAST 1 week before graduation, in case you are not aware of the graduation day you can tell us later: the crown will not be made until the exact date is provided.

2. How long before should I purchase the favors?

Favors must be purchased AT LEAST 1 week before graduation, in case you require customization or models not present on the site, we invite you to contact us well in advance.

3. What happens once the crown is purchased?

After completing the purchase you will be contacted to define all the details regarding the crown (circumference, color of the satin, type of bow), day of realization and delivery. You will receive the crown 1/2 working days before graduation (excluding weekends). 

4. Is it possible to make requests for special crowns that are not shown in the catalog?

Of course, we are constantly improving and we gladly accept all your requests, we will try to satisfy them in the best possible way. 
5. What to do as soon as you receive the Laurel wreath?

It is advisable to leave the crown hanging or in the box, in a cool and dark place, until it is used: cellar and balcony (only if away from sunlight) and garage (ideal temperature between 8 and 15 degrees) are fine. . We will treat the crown with stabilizing products and thanks to the aforementioned precautions, it will remain intact until its use. 

6. Are the materials fresh?

The laurel used to make the crown is fresh, natural from the Bergamo valleys. The wedding veil can be fresh, stabilized or artificial depending on the season and availability. All roses are stabilized, that is, they last over time without decaying. Berries, chillies, sunflowers are artificial. Heather and Lavender, depending on the season, can be fresh, stabilized or artificial. 

7. What is the wedding veil?

The white flowers you see in different crowns are called a bridal veil, as well as gypsophila or mist. 

8. How to know when my order is shipped?

The day the order is shipped you will receive the notification on the email you used when ordering with the tracking code.  

9. Do you deliver abroad?

Absolutely yes. Delivery in Europe takes 24 / 48h. The shipping cost is 15 €.

Deliveries overseas can take up to 24/48 / 72h, the shipping cost varies depending on the country of destination.

10. How to keep the crown after graduation?

We recommend that you keep the crown hanging and spray hairspray every 15 days for two months (on the leaves only).

If you have other questions contact us via whatsapp!