Laurel Wreath Customization Guide

Here is a very useful guide to help you customize the Laurel Wreath for Graduation and fill in the pre-purchase phase. 

1. Satin Ribbon Colors:

Available colors not shown in the photo: cream, candy pink.

2. Type of bow on the back of the crown:

 Simple 2-tailed bow

 Simple bow with 4 tails

 2-tailed bow

 Bow Elaborated with 4 tails

 Two-tone bow

 2-tailed cockade bow

 4-tailed cockade bow

 Bow Elaborated in satin and tulle / organza

 Bow Elaborated with 2-tailed curls

 Bow Elaborated with 4-tail curls

 Bow with color scale (minimum 3) in cockade

3. Presence of 2 ribbons on the sides of the Crown:



4. Adding the bead on the bow:

5. Adding the charms (four-leaf clover or red pepper and metal tassel):

6. Bow with dovetails or classic cut:

 Bow with dovetail cut

 Bow with classic cut

7. Types of Bridal Veil (also called gypsophila, mist, white flowers):

Natural wedding veil


Stabilized ivory wedding veil

White artificial wedding veil

Further information:

  • The circumference should be taken with a tape measure by passing it over the ears and about mid / high forehead. The tape measure should not press or tighten, but it should be loosened. We invite you to give a correct measurement of the circumference to avoid problems later. We remind you that the crown must not pierce through the head, but must be supported, you decide whether horizontally or obliquely.
  • To select different types of bows, colors or types of ribbons, contact us via whatsapp at +39 3333653399 or email .
  • For any information we will be happy to help you. 

Thank you,

The CDAlloro team