CDalloro, the first steps towards the CDcorona di Lauroro

CDalloro, i primi passi verso la CDcorona di Alloro

The story of CDalloro began in May 2018, when I decided to spend my time in online sales. At that time I was attending the fifth year of high school, but I decided to get to work immediately because, in my heart, I felt I had the right ideas to create something new and innovative, which could make me grow mentally and professionally.

Let me introduce myself, I am Federico, I am 21 years old and I am a digital entrepreneur.

Cdalloro was born in my country and more precisely in Emanuela's house, who had three large laurel trees in her garden.


Together we wanted to undertake this new path, that of laurel wreaths for graduation, and more generally, of everything that concerns it. Thus, we created the first laurel wreath, the Cdcorona, relying on a group of professionals in the sector. For several months we did not get great results, until we started to make our project concrete through advertising, instagram and facebook pages, and later also thanks to the online store. 

Emanuela began to practice, learning from the professionals, she made crowns on crowns to "get carried away"; and thus the first classic laurel wreath was born, the one you see at the forefront of our product pages.


After less than a year, Cdalloro has taken on a new shape and a new goal, and we are more than satisfied with our work.


 What we have special is that once I have purchased the graduation crown, I will contact you in person to better manage the pruning (always fresh laurel), the realization and the most suitable delivery day. Then everything will pass into the hands of Emanuela and the laurel wreath professionals who will satisfy your every request.


We ship in 24h throughout Italy and abroad, yes because CDalloro has shipped degree crowns to England, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland and so on .. becoming #international.


This is just the beginning for us, new projects are in the pipeline, and in this section we will tell you a little about what we do, what we offer, we will answer your questions and requests, we will talk to you about how the team has developed. CDalloro and much more.

We thank you in advance for spending a few minutes reading our story, we invite you to follow us and leave comments!


See you next CDsection


Federico and the CDalloro team



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