University Faculty Colors _ How to make your Degree Crown special

Colori Facoltà Universitarie _ Come rendere speciale la tua Corona di Laurea

Hi guys! 👨🏻‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓 In this Cdsection we want to tell you why we offer different colors for your laurel wreaths. Not everyone will know that each faculty has its own color, which ranges from the classic red, to lilac and blue, and the variations can also change between the different cities; I will shortly show you the faculty and the corresponding color. 🌈


I also want to remind you that you can make the laurel wreath with the color you prefer, in fact there is no type of restriction of this kind, the important thing that the crown represents you in some way, that it refers to your taste, personality and also to the effort you have put into it over the years to reach this important milestone! 💪🏻

Therefore we consider the personalization process of your degree wreath fundamental, during the purchase phase you will contact me directly, Emanuela, who will follow you in choosing the details of your laurel wreath. Together we will think about the most suitable solutions for your needs!

Returning to our topic today, I did a brief search on the various university sites on the internet and I list below the colors to combine with the best known degree faculties, without any differentiation as regards the cities:


  • all faculties

  • Medicine and Surgery

  • Nursing

  • Pharmacy (garnet red)


  • Easier

  • Philosophy

  • Theology


  • Law


  • Engineering

  • Architecture

Rosso Bordeaux:

  • Languages


  • Mathematics

  • Agrarian (green quota)


  • Economy


  • Psychology

  • Pedagogy


  • Political sciences

  • Vet


  • Statistics


  • Communication Sciences


  • Academy of fine arts


  • Sociology


  • Education Sciences

Here are the colors related to the different faculties, have you found yours? If not, don't worry, with us you can find as many colors and different shades for your satin 🎀, so let your imagination run wild 🧠 and create your personalized Cdcorona. There is also the possibility of mixing the colors as you wish, often we combine lilac with pink or blue, or yellow together with orange for example for a "solar" crown 🌞. The graduation crown must know how to reflect you! Everything will be developed according to your wishes. 💭


If you haven't already found the right satin color for you and you want to change from the classic red, follow us on instagram @cdalloro where you can see different proposals and get inspiration. 

I hope I have been helpful for all of you future graduates! 💕
See you soon 😎


Emanuela and the CDalloro team 🌿

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