Laurel wreath: who should put it on the graduate?

Corona d’alloro: chi la deve mettere al laureato?

The long awaited graduation day is approaching, but you have not yet finished all the preparations for you or for the person who will celebrate this important moment?

Well, it's never too late to run for cover. And, as you can see by contacting our customer support, a few days are enough to be able to receive at your home le laurel wreaths, le bomboniere, i bouquet e i vini to celebrate this day!

Ma who has to give the laurel wreath to the graduate? Who should put this decorative element on the graduate's head?

Who should give the graduate the laurel wreath

Before understanding who should put the laurel wreath on the graduate it is certainly useful to take a small step back and, label in hand, clarify that it is a good idea that the graduate does NOT buy the laurel wreath himself.

In other words, the etiquette on these occasions, he foresees that to give the new graduate a beautiful crown are the parents or closest relatives, or in any case the closest friends.

It often happens that the parents or family members who live with the recent graduate give the crown, and who know very well how many efforts and how many sacrifices are hidden behind this event. But it is also a good idea that course colleagues take care of this assignment, who will thus be able to celebrate their fellow students in a way that is certainly appreciable.

Therefore, in principle, the graduate should not be the one who independently procures the laurel wreath. Of course, also in this case it is good to clarify that an "autonomous" purchase would certainly not be a lack of respect but ... it is always advisable that the people closest to the birthday boy take care of this small but important burden!

Who should put the laurel wreath on the graduate? And when?

Another rather common question among those approaching this topic is who should put the laurel wreath on the graduate, and when.

It is clear that, since it is an element of "recognition" of the path taken, the laurel wreath must be used after the discussion of the thesis and after the pronouncement of the vote by the commission. Doing so earlier would in fact constitute an error inlabel university and, perhaps, in the eyes of some it could even bring bad luck!

As regards instead who must place the laurel wreath on the head of the graduate, it is obvious that times have changed a lot compared to before and at the time classical, when it was a competent authority to award the graduate with the crown. Today in some universities the habit has remained, but generally only for events with greater public prominence.

Nowadays it is enough for friends or relatives who bought the crown to make this gesture, and who want to seal this goal in a more or less traditional way.

Where to buy the laurel wreath

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