Laurel wreath: on the head or on the neck?

Corona d’alloro: sul capo o al collo?

In many films and in some ceremonies, the birthday boy is seen being decorated with one laurel wreath around the neckrather than on the head. But what does tradition want? The Theurel crown does it have to wrap around the head or can it also be placed around the neck?

Of course, it's all about the size!

The real laurel wreath, meaning by this name the one traditionally able to surround the head of the graduate, must naturally be placed on the head. We have dealt with it many times on this site and, therefore, we can only refer you to reading our many other insights to find out more.

However, nothing stops you from buying laurel wreaths of larger size, which you can put around the birthday boy's neck.

Theurel wreath around the neck: our proposal

Satisfying the many requests that have come to our artisans in recent months, we have long ago prepared a laurel wreath around our neck, a Theurel Wreath for Graduation Big Size XXL, organic, 100% from Italian agriculture, characterized by considerable dimensions and the usual opportunity to personalize its main characteristics, perhaps adding berries, roses, chillies or anything else that comes to mind.

How to buy a laurel wreath around your neck

If you want buy a laurel wreath around your neck, that is an extra large laurel wreath, which can be used on any celebratory occasion, all you have to do is consult our catalog of laurel wreaths and select the Big Size XXL, the model we have reserved for all our customers who wish to have a larger size in the laurel wreath to use when gifting this accessory to a future graduate or graduate.

Once you have chosen the model that's right for you, remember to let us know which customizations you want to opt for, such as adding inserts, roses and other elements that you think can be useful to make your crown perfect. laurel to put on the neck. Just contact us by email or via the WhatsApp button: you can then share your creative ideas with one of our specialists!

If you want to talk to us before placing your order, you can use the contact page, which summarizes all the contact details through which you can send us questions and requests!


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