Laurel wreath Economy: yellow is the right color!

Corona alloro Economia: il giallo è il colore giusto!

Are you looking for one laurel wreath for Economics? You are about to graduate from the faculty that was once known as "Economics and Commerce" and are trying to understand what those are characteristics of your laurel wreath?

Well, we're here to support you in purchasing the best laurel wreath for Economics, one of the most popular faculties for Italian recent graduates, and also one of those that churn out the largest number of graduates, year after year!

In the next lines we will see together which are the colors of laurel wreaths for Economy, and how you can proceed with the purchase of your next one wreath with laurel!

Laurel wreath Economy: color

Let's start immediately by answering what is perhaps the most recurring question: what is the color of the laurel wreath in economics?

In principle, the color of the laurel wreath for the Faculty of Economics is yellow. Of course, each university may have different rules (you can inquire with the secretariat of your university / faculty, or ask us for more information by contacting us here), but in the silence of your institution you will certainly not make mistakes by showing up with a beautiful girl yellow laurel wreath, or by giving a yellow crown to your loved one.

However, some of our customers have pointed out to us that an alternative color to yellow for yours laurel wreath in economics and the grey. In reality, however, it is a color that is little used in most universities, with its appeal being limited mainly to the Turin area.

In short, if you are looking for the right color for the Faculty of Economics, yellow is our answer! Moreover, it is a color that most people do not mind: its very name derives from the Indo-European root ghel, which brings to mind something "shining" and "shouted", as if to indicate that - obviously - yellow is certainly not a color that goes unnoticed.

Not only. In our culture, yellow is the symbol of light and sun, energy and summer. IS also the color of knowledge, creativity and imagination. A good dose of vitality for one of the most important days of your life, right?

How to buy a yellow laurel wreath

If you are looking for one yellow laurel wreath, you are in the right place! Su CD Laurel we produce artisanal laurel wreaths, handmade by our artisans and customized for you in shape, size, color and accessories.

For example, you can take a look at this laurel wreath with gold berries: you can request the use of the yellow ribbon suitable for your faculty, and enjoy the possibility of maximizing the final effect thanks to the presence of the golden berries, which will marry well with the yellow color with which we will decline your crown!

If you want to know even more, we recommend that you take a look at our website and our page of FAQ. And if you like, you can also get in touch with us by phone: we will gladly answer all your questions at +39 339 23 93 879 or at these contact details!

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