Laurel wreath Law degree: blue is the right color!

Corona alloro laurea Giurisprudenza: il blu è il colore giusto!

You just did a Google search on "laurel wreath law degree"why do you want to know which is the right color for this faculty, and you ended up here?

Well, you did the right thing!

How well you should know if you have been reading our blog for some time, or if you are passionate about this topic because maybe you are about to celebrate your graduation or the graduation of a loved one, each faculty has its own reference color tone and, in this sense, the Faculty of Law is certainly no exception!

Ma what is the color of the laurel wreath for Jurisprudence? Is there a etiquette that must be followed?

Of course yes. And, as artisans of reference in this sector, we certainly cannot deprive ourselves of sharing with you some reflections that will allow you to clarify any doubts on this issue, coming to define what the right color for the laurel wreath in Jurisprudence.

Laurel wreath Jurisprudence: blue is its color!

A few weeks ago we asked ourselves similar questions for the Faculty of Economics and, at the time, we had agreed that the reference color for neo-economists is yellow.

Well, if your project is to graduate in Law, or if you are about to buy a laurel wreath for Jurisprudence, then you definitely need to know that the right color for this frieze element is blue.

Fortunately for you, however, the blue for the laurel wreath in Law is a recognized symbol throughout Italy, and there are no large universities that have adopted a different reference color for their law faculties.

Of course, if you want to be sure to respect the traditions of your faculty, our suggestion is still to ask the secretariat if there are any particular indications to be respected. If you don't feel like it enough, you can still contact us: we will carry out all the evaluations for you!

In principle, however, by aiming for a beautiful blue laurel wreath you will certainly not go wrong: it is a color that - as we have already had the opportunity to recall a few lines ago - is generally appreciated by all the faculties of Law, and that you can insert inside the laurel wreath in the way you prefer.

Remember, however, that even if it is true that each faculty has its own reference color to be able to celebrate the new graduate, it is also true that there are no strict rules in this matter. Therefore, you will still be left completely free to choose how to embellish your laurel wreath with accessory elements that will make the wreath closer to your wishes.

If you want to know more, or have an idea of the final result, we recommend that you take a look at our catalog: each of the models you find can be customized in a versatile way by our craftsmen!

Blue laurel wreath for Jurisprudence: what meanings?

But what are the meanings of the blue color that will adorn yours laurel wreath for Jurisprudence?

Drawing on the symbolism of the color palette, blue is certainly the color to which the feeling of calm and balance, relaxation and harmony is most associated.

It is said that those who prefer blue on the chromatic scale are a person with rather deep feelings, able to find their inner balance, their strong ideals and their emotional stability. In short, some qualities that we consider very important in law graduates, right?

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