Laurel wreath Medicine: the color of the degree!

Corona alloro Medicina: il colore della laurea!

Laurel color Medicine: what is its color?

If you are asking yourself this question, it is probably because you are approaching graduation time. Or maybe because a loved one is about to reach this important milestone, and you want to celebrate the achievement of the degree with a beautiful laurel wreath.

In any case, don't worry: you are in the right place to discover the color of the laurel wreath in Medicine and being able in this way to perform a purchase without fail!

Laurel wreath Medicine: to each faculty its color!

As you probably already realized if you've read our latest posts, each faculty has its own color of reference.

For example, the color of the laurel wreath in Jurisprudence is blue, while the color of the laurel wreath in Economics is yellow.

Having said that, it is also true that there are often more or less important exceptions to these general rules: each university can in fact choose to adopt shades other than those recognized in most cases and, for this reason, it is a good idea to inquire at the faculty secretariat to ask what is the "official" color of your institution.

It is also true that, however, there are no labels that are too rigid.

In fact, the graduate often decides to adorn his head with a laurel wreath of his favorite color, thus ignoring the provisions of the faculty.

Medicine laurel wreath: what color?

Having introduced the above, in the event that you do not have particular personal preferences, it is a good idea to adapt to the color of the faculty that, for Medicine, it's a nice one red!

In other words, the Medicine laurel wreath is adorned with the reference color for any graduate, regardless of the faculty attended, unless the graduate - as already mentioned - does not prefer to adopt the color of his faculty or a color of his own. particular reference.

The red of the laurel wreath in Medicine is evidently a very powerful reminder of past times. Suffice it to recall that in the classical era red was the color that the Romans attributed to clothing worn by the highest administrative and judicial offices, to underline its importance.

How to choose the laurel wreath for Medicine

If we have clarified your doubts on the color of the laurel wreath Medicine, all you have to do is go to the operational phase and proceed with your order!

First, we recommend that you browse our catalog: inside you will find all the main models, handmade by our artisans, able to satisfy your ambitions. And if you don't find what you are looking for, don't despair: you can always contact us and ask us for all the variants you want!

We will be happy to be able to customize your new laurel wreath in Medicine, in order to make this accessory element one of the protagonists of the important graduation day.

Laurel wreath color in Medicine: red!

If you have carefully read the preceding lines, you will have well understood that red is the color of the faculties of:

  • Medicine and Surgery,
  • Health care professions,
  • Dentistry.

In some cases, moreover, red is also the color of the faculties of Vet and of Pharmacy, thus affecting all those faculties that train the next health and wellness professionals.

It is not, however, an absolute surprise for those with a greater knowledge of history. Have you ever wondered why red is the color of the medical school?

Why is red used in medicine?

Red has been the color generally connected to magical rites: considering that for a long time magic and medicine, in some historical periods and in some populations, were two "interconnected" worlds, we can well understand why for many people this color was immediately a reflection of the medical discipline.

However, the color red was attributed to the faculties of Medicine for other reasons as well.

The purple color it is in fact often credited with being a symbol of social distinction and particular prestige, so much so that - as we have already recalled - men in the classical era were used to wearing a surcoat (the toga) over the tunic. Well, the people of the highest rank could boast the possibility of wearing a toga with a red border.

A color that symbolizes passion and energy

So far, a few quick reminders of why the color red is the color of the medical school, and why you absolutely must wear red on the day of graduation from this faculty (and what better occasion than being able to choose a laurel wreath of different colors red for the event?).

Moreover, we are sure that red will bring you good!

The red is a symbol of blood, of the vitality, of the passion, oflove. IS also a particularly strong, warning color: have you ever wondered why some well-known warning signs (such as the road stop) are red?

In short, red is the color of energy, and making it the star of the day of your medical degree is certainly what it takes!

Ma where to use red on the day of your medical degree?

Degree in Medicine: red laurel wreath and ... not only!

In addition to the laurel wreath in Red Medicine, you can also color other objects red, thus enhancing the energy that this color can certainly transmit to you on the day of the event!

For example, it is often customary for medical graduates to color their cover red thesis. Or, wear a tie or other piece of clothing in this shade. And what about the red wedding favors? They will certainly be a great way to share this event with gusto!

In short, as we have been able to reiterate on several occasions, red is the color you are looking for if you have to graduate in Medicine.

Try taking a look at ours laurel wreaths, at bomboniere and ai bouquet that we have prepared for you to find out more!


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