Laurel wreath with stabilized roses: buy your favorite!

Corona d’alloro con rose stabilizzate: acquista la tua preferita!

The Theurel crown is the most popular and traditional symbol for celebrate graduation. A valuable element that can be placed on the head of the graduate at the end of his studies, and that can seal one of the most important days of his life with beauty and refinement.

However, if you are tired of the traditional laurel wreaths, and want the laurel wreath of graduate is even more unique and prestigious, there is nothing better than one laurel wreath with roses to celebrate the thesis defense in a big way!

Theurel wreath with stabilized roses

Le laurel wreaths with CD roses Theurel they are made by our artisans by hand, with 100% made in Italy flowers and materials, and with customization elements that will guarantee the availability of a unique product of its kind.

In particular, with the laurel wreath with stabilized roses we guarantee you one laurel wreath with premium quality fresh bay leaves and high quality stabilized roses. Preserved roses are real roses, which can be stored for several months thanks to undergoing a special treatment that allows the roses to remain aesthetically pleasing (as if they were just picked!) for a long time, without needing water or other special maintenance.

How we prepare laurel wreaths with roses

We prepare the crowns laurel with roses with the usual passion that has distinguished our work for years!

Our artisans manually select the best fresh bay leaves from our crops, and the most attractive preserved roses. Finally, let's decorate the laurel wreath with red berries and with a red double satin bow, as you can see in the product sheet of ours laurel wreath for graduation with red stabilized roses and berries.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for some good alternative, we remind you that in our shop you will find all the best variants, come:

  • laurel wreath for graduation with stabilized red roses and bridal veil;
  • laurel wreath for graduation with stabilized pink roses and bridal veil;
  • laurel wreath for graduation with pomace stabilized roses;
  • laurel wreath for graduation with pink stabilized roses;
  • laurel wreath for graduation with stabilized rainbow of roses and double satin ribbon;
  • laurel wreath for graduation with white stabilized roses and bridal veil;
  • and much more!

Buy a laurel wreath online with preserved roses

If at this point you are intent on buying one laurel wreath online with stabilized roses, all you have to do is choose your model among those that we are pleased to bring to your attention, and confirm the method and place of shipment.

And if you want to further customize your laurel wreath, all you have to do is tell us which elements you would like to add or remove from the wreath: we will share with you everything we can do to fulfill your wishes!

Once this is done, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange the day of the shipment, thus allowing you to have a perfect laurel wreath, ready for the coronation of the graduate!

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