DIY Paper Laurel Wreath - A Step-by-Step Guide!

Corona d’alloro di carta fai da te: una guida passo dopo passo!

The Theurel crown is a timeless symbol of success and prestige for the recent graduate or graduate who is - finally! - to come to terms with the conclusion of their studies.

It is precisely for this reason that our advice can only be that of let us make your new laurel wreath!

Our artisans will be able to prepare one for you personalized laurel wreath that will allow you to show off a real high quality accessory on the birthday boy's head, thus enriching a memorable day with satisfaction!

However, it may happen that you need to make your own paper laurel wreaths. That is, small crowns that maybe you could donate to everyone present, as a small but heartfelt thanks for their presence.

Ma how to make paper laurel wreaths? IS hard? What do you need?

To guide you step by step in completing this operation, you will find one below simple guide to paper laurel wreaths, which we advise you to read to the end!

What it takes to make a paper laurel wreath

Let's start with the basics. What it takes to make a paper laurel wreath?

The material you should recover is the following:

  • green cardboard;
  • green acrylic color;
  • scissors;
  • red ribbon;
  • a flat paper plate.

If you've taken a look at these "ingredients" for make a paper laurel wreath and you are a little familiar with do-it-yourself, you probably already understand where we want to go!

If not, read on!

How to make a paper laurel wreath

Once you have sourced the above materials, the first thing you need to do to make a paper laurel wreath is certainly to cut out the outer circle of the paper plate, since this surface will represent the basic structure of your crown, which will rest on the head of the birthday boy.

Then make a cut of a few centimeters in one of the edges of the paper laurel wreath, in such a way that it remains "open", and easily adaptable to the size of the head of the person who will wear it. Then paint the paper plate, on each side, with the green acrylic paint.

So take the cardboard and cut out some leaves: their length should generally be double the width of the diameter of the "circle" of paper made a few lines ago. Then glue the leaves on the paper circle, or use pins to fix them even more firmly.

Once this procedure is finished, and therefore enriched your laurel wreath with paper leaves, there is nothing left to do but give it a touch of color: a nice red ribbon attached to the base will allow you to complete this creative work and have available a nice DIY paper laurel wreath!

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