Laurel wreath: where to buy?

Corona di alloro: dove si compra?

A party of Graduation it is not such if a beautiful is not placed on the head of the birthday boy or girl Laurel crown that can seal this moment. Ma where to buy the laurel wreath? How to buy it? And who is responsible for this task?

Let's try to clarify these widespread questions!

Laurel wreath: How to buy it?

Let's start immediately by spetherefying that There is no hard and fast rule as to who should buy the laurel wreath. Sometimes it is the graduate himself who prepares for this moment buying the laurel wreath ahead of time, according to their tastes and preferences. Other times they are i parents who provide for the task, while still other times they are the friends - generally the closest ones, or those who have studied with those who graduate - who are committed to finding a celebratory crown.

Furthermore, nothing prevents it from being bought more than a laurel wreath. As there are no fixed rules on the matter, you can opt for a more "offithereal" first crown, to be used for the ritual photos, and for a second, more jovial crown, to be kept perhaps during refreshments!

Laurel Wreath - Where Can You Buy It?

Ma where to buy the laurel wreath?

Being CDAlloro a party to the dispute (!) we can only advise you to take a look at our e-commerce, where you can find the laurel wreath for any occasion.

This way you can buy quality laurel wreaths, avoiding taking solemn deceptions. Unfortunately, in fact, on the web you risk finding low cost laurel wreaths which are convenient ... only in appearance: once delivered to your home, you will in fact find yourself in your hand with low quality products, made with easily perishable and, probably, unusable materials. All this, a few days from the moment of graduation, could be a disaster!

We remind you instead that on our site you can buy laurel wreaths:

  • handmade by professionals in the sector;
  • who use original bay leaves, coming from organic production;
  • fully customizable;
  • ship in 24 hours!

In short, a real guarantee of quality on which we are so sure as to ... put our face (there find it here!).

In this way, in a few days from the moment of your choice, you will receive yours at home unique example of a handmade laurel wreath, come this fantastic classic model, one of our bestsellers!

And if you want to know even more about how we work, or if you need assistance in the procedure of purchase of a laurel wreath, you can resolve any doubts by contacting us at the addresses you find on this page. First, if you like, you can take a look at ours FAQ and visit us on ours Page Instagram. We are waiting for you!

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