Laurel wreaths for graduation: the colors of all the faculties!

Corone alloro per laurea: i colori di tutte le facoltà!

In the past few months we have worked on more than one occasion to understand what the colors of laurel wreaths for graduation, and we focused on highlighting that not only each faculty has its own color of reference, but sometimes the individual universities apply different colors, making it difficult to make a complete and precise list in this sense.

However, we were not discouraged!

In the following lines you will find the colors of laurel wreaths for degree in every Italian faculty, with ... two small clarifications.

Laurel wreaths for graduation, which color to choose?

The first clarification we want to make with you is that if in doubt you can opt for red.

Red is the traditional color of the laurel wreath, and it is a safe choice, which will never disappoint the birthday party's expectations.

There are few doubts as to why red is so used to celebrate the result achieved by the graduate in the most traditional way: as we reminded you a few weeks ago, in fact, red was the color of the toga worn by high-ranking officials in classical era, with the Romans who had chosen purple as a prestigious "label".

The second clarification for you who are looking for the right color for the Laurel crown it is linked to the fact that a good and simple habit is certainly to ask the faculty secretariat. Here you will find a precise answer to all your questions, and you will be able to find out if by chance your faculty has chosen to adopt a different color from the one in the list below, which shows the classic and most common colors in our country.

All the colors of graduation laurel wreaths in Italian faculties

Below you will find the alphabetical list of the faculties present in Italy, and their consideration color for the laurel wreath. Let's find out together!

  • Academy of Fine Arts: Celeste / Azzurro

  • Agraria: Green / Dark green

  • Architecture: Black

  • Surgery: Red / Purple

  • Economy: Yellow / Gray (depends on the faculty, although most have chosen to adopt yellow)

  • Pharmacy: Rosso / Granata

  • Law: Blu

  • Nursing: Red / Purple

  • Engineering: Black

  • Letters and Philosophy: White

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures: Green / Bordeaux

  • Magisterium: Gray

  • Medicine: Red / Purple

  • Pedagogy: Gray

  • Psychology: Gray

  • Banking Sciences: Azzurro

  • Education sciences: Rosa

  • Communication Sciences: Vinaccia

  • Mathematical, physical, natural sciences: Green

  • Political science: Lilac

  • Motor science: Bicolor red and white

  • Sociology: Orange

  • Statistics: Blue

  • Theology: White

  • Veterinary: Viola

As you can see, the colors adopted by the individual Italian faculties can change even considerably, and it is therefore always good to try to verify in advance what the choices of your institution are.

If in doubt contattaci: we will be happy to understand with you what the right laurel wreath color for graduation in your faculty, accompanying you step by step in the customization of this important accessory that will be able to celebrate in the best way one of the most important days in the life of the graduate!



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