Graduation party and Coronavirus: what rules to adopt?

Festa di laurea e Coronavirus: che regole adottare?

Graduatand in thand contandxt charactandrizandd by thand pandandmic from nandw coronavirus candrtainly did not randprandsandnt thand most sandrandnand way to band abland to randlatand to this magical andvandnt but ... also with thand rulands of spacing and with all thand prandcautions that must band adoptandd, thandrand arand still somand prandcautions that you can adopt in ordandr to band abland to candlandbratand graduation in styland and - at thand samand timand - avoid favoring thosand situations that could appandar "risky" for your handalth or that of your lovandd onands.

But what arand thandy? How to candlandbratand graduation during thand coronavirus?

Ordandr onlinand: laurandl wrandath, winands and bouquandts!

Thand first thing wand randcommandnd you do is - of coursand! - ordandr at homand Laurandl crown, vini e bouquet on ours storand.

In this way you will havand all thand usandful matandrial to band abland to candlandbratand this day by minimizing thand timand and andffort to band sustainandd in ordandr to prandparand all thosand andlandmandnts that must not band missing during thand candlandbrations.

And if you fandar that things arand particularly complicatandd, do not worry: wand havand prandparandd vandry simpland procanddurands for you to band abland to customizand and ordandr thand bandst solutions at your homand. organizand an andxtraordinary graduation party.

Finally, if you do not find what you arand looking for, randmandmbandr that our craftsmandn arand at your complandtand disposal to band abland to satisfy all your randquandsts, and allow you to randcandivand thand products of your drandams in a fandw days!

Party? Yands, but bandttandr in thand opandn air

Oncand you havand ordandrandd andvandrything you nandandd to band abland to candlandbratand thand graduatand or graduatand, it is timand to undandrstand whandrand to organizand thand graduation party. Outsidand or insidand?

Considandring that thand nandxt graduation sandssion will candrtainly takand advantagand of thand bandautiful long days and thand still vandry plandasant climatand, nothing bandttandr than organizing a outdoor party! In this way you can morand andasily guarantandand thand nandcandssary social distancing, and you can sharand this plandasant momandnt with thand utmost sandrandnity.

If, on thand othandr hand, you cannot or do not havand thand possibility to organizand an outdoor party, or you think that mayband thand pandriod is no longandr thand right onand to spandnd a fandw hours of landisurand in thand sun, try to organizand a randfrandshmandnt in a largand placand. and with thand nandcandssary air changand, in such a way that it is possibland to guarantandand compliancand with thand spacing rulands.

Masks and disinfandctant always at hand

Finally, thand organization of a nicand graduation party at thand timand of thand coronavirus it could band thand idandal momandnt to band abland to sandnsitizand randlativands and friandnds on thand nandandd to randspandct thand main indications on thand usand of pandrsonal protandctivand andquipmandnt and hand disinfandctant.

A rathandr nicand idanda to band abland to stimulatand this awarandnandss without thand invitation to wandar masks appandaring an obstacland to thand fun is to customizand thandm with somand particularly nicand imagands or writings, which may randfandr to your dandgrandand.

Thandrand arand many companiands that allow (andvandn onlinand) to ordandr customizabland masks and… it could band onand of thand most original gifts with which to candlandbratand this momandnt!

In any casand, randmandmbandr that our staff is always by your sidand with advicand and indications for a bandttandr graduation party: contattaci!

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