Graduation party at home: 4 steps to organize it perfectly!

Festa di laurea in casa: 4 mosse per organizzarla in modo perfetto!

Celebrate the end of college with a home graduation party it can be a great way to have loved ones close to you on one of the most important days of your life.

Organize a graduation party at home in fact, it means not only saving money compared to renting a room, but also being able to celebrate this moment in a well-known, comfortable environment capable of giving the right privacy to those present.

But how prepare the graduation party at home?

Below we have summarized for you 4 rules that will allow you to manage the best event!

Choose the guests

The first thing you need to do to organize your house graduation party is choose the guests. Keep in mind that compared to partying in a club you will probably have less space available. And if for some this could be a problem, for others it could be a strength: in fact, you can only select your closest friends, avoiding too dispersive contexts.

In short, the rule of better few but good will find in this case a perfect application!

Create the mood

Even if your home is small, nothing should stop you from creating the right atmosphere. Moreover, it is not necessary to organize extraordinary effects: a little background music is enough (or, if you like a little more sparkle and your neighbors have nothing to complain about, even your favorite playlist spread with the speakers!) and decorate the house with some element that can remember the event.

The only one must which of course we are pleased to share with all our readers is the Laurel crown. Not only should it never be missing but… it should never be removed from the head of the celebrated!

Prepare the menu

If you don't feel like cooking, resorting to a catering service is certainly what it takes to refresh all the people who will come to congratulate you. A very welcome solution is that of the buffet, according to one's tastes and those of loved ones. Remember that not everyone may like foods with lactose, gluten and carnivorous or animal-derived elements. Therefore, it is better to prepare a part of the table for the intolerant or for those who are vegetarians or vegans.

And the cake?

Finally, the cake cannot be missing! Remember to order it at least a week before the graduation party at home and to follow the directions of the pastry chef so that it can be served at the right temperature.

What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions for our readers who want to prepare a graduation party at home?

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