Graduation gift ideas: why choose a laurel wreath?

Idee regalo laurea: perché scegliere una corona d’alloro?

A person particularly dear to you is about to graduate, and you just don't know what gift to give for this very important moment in his life?

Be sure of one thing: you are not the only one (or the only one!) to face this dilemma.

On the other hand, the fact that searches for graduation gift ideas are more and more numerous is proof of the evidence that you do not want to make a bad impression on the occasion of an event that definitively seals a multi-year study path, with its efforts, its pains and - fortunately! - also his satisfactions.

Well, precisely because graduation is an extremely significant moment in the life of every student, the best way to celebrate it is certainly to give a laurel wreath: the Laurel crown it is in fact the symbol par excellence of the result achieved, a timeless classic that will be able to adorn one of the most important days in the life of the graduate, and be the most appreciated gift by the birthday boy.

What a gift for graduation: a laurel wreath to avoid mistakes!

In short, from the lines that we wanted to share with you today, you should have guessed that the laurel wreath is one of the most "guaranteed" gifts you could give to your future college graduate or graduate!

The laurel wreath is indeed an object of great symbolic power, a gift that will emphasize the importance of the moment, and that can be easily combined with flowers or other surrounding elements. IS also a not too demanding object: it does not cost much and is not too "personal", thus allowing you to go without fail!

And if you want to further highlight the significance of this gesture, remember that when choosing the laurel wreath with which to pay homage to the recent graduate, it is very important to dwell on the details: get help from our staff to choose the most suitable colors for the birthday boy (generally, based on the faculty to which he is enrolled) and the other elements with which you can customize the laurel wreath.

If you want to get an idea of the final result, try checking ours catalog of handcrafted laurel wreaths to know more!

Laurel wreath price per degree

Ma how much does the laurel wreath cost per degree? I laurel wreath prices to celebrate this moment, they vary according to the materials used, the customization elements you will require and the quality of the production. However, keep in mind that the price of a laurel wreath is on average between 40 and 80 euros and that, therefore, with a limited expense you will be able to find an attractive and highly effective graduation gift idea.

In this context, we are pleased to remind you that our laurel wreaths are 100% handcrafted and made in Italy and, as such, they are handmade by our experts, with organic bay leaves that we select with care and passion, one by one, in order to deliver home the best laurel wreath you can imagine!

If you want to know even more, please contact us at the addresses you find here. Our experts will be by your side to identify and customize your graduation laurel wreath!

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