Summer graduation: how to dress?

Laurea in estate: come vestirsi?

Choose how to dress for graduation in the summer it can be quite complicated. In fact, if on the one hand there is the desire to dress in an elegant and refined way to make a good impression on everyone present, on the other hand there is certainly the pleasure of finding something fresh that does not make us feel uncomfortable for the entire duration of the event.

But it's really that complicated choose the outfit for a graduation in the summer? Or can we solve this doubt in a much simpler way than one might think?

A classic choice never disappoints

Let's start immediately by specifying that in these situations it is always better to adopt a classic and comfortable look. It is therefore better to avoid too flashy prints, too strong color combinations, excessive decorations and elements that could catalyze the attention towards an outfit that should be elegant but, at the same time, marked by simplicity and freshness.

Therefore, it is better to focus on a dress that is breathable and minimal, adopting soft lines and neutral or pastel colors. Solid colors are certainly better than tone contrasts, even if in some cases the colored inserts could reward your choice of style.


In this context, a favorite choice of many undergraduates is certainly the suit: the blazer and trousers suit is a classic that will not fail to exert its charm even in the summer graduation. Captivating, often favored over the combination with the skirt (however refined), it is sufficient to choose it with ample proportions and in light fabric to be able to guarantee the right freshness throughout the day.

As far as color is concerned, we reiterate the need to focus on neutral and delicate colors, avoiding bright and fluorescent ones. You can further enhance your style with a bag that recalls the same color of the dress, but with different shades.

Top and long skirt

The calf-length skirt can be a great alternative for all those women who choose to show up with an elegant outfit for graduation in the summer. It is a good compromise between refinement and simplicity, above all by focusing on the chromatic contrast between the skirt and the top, marrying a dark and a light one and, possibly, also in the clearer combination, black and white.

For the rest, maximum attention to accessories, with the bag that must be coordinated in one of the two shades.

Shirt and pants

With a masculine appeal, even for the female summer graduation you can opt for a paired shirt and trousers. The first, in light cotton, is certainly better white or light blue. For the latter, green light to those with darts.


Finally, we close with the possibility of graduating in summer with a beautiful dress, preferably with pastel-colored dresses. There are so many alternatives: which one will be your favorite?

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