When is the laurel wreath used?

Quando si usa la corona d’alloro?

The Theurel crown has entered so firmly in the habits of Italian graduates that ... we no longer ask ourselves what its origins are and why it is used for the graduation ceremony (we, in any case, have wondered who!).

However, this does not mean that we cannot delve into this theme and, in particular, that we cannot try to understand when using the laurel wreath, in order to adopt the right etiquette towards it, and avoid errors that may not escape the eyes of those who are more attentive to etiquette.

To understand when using the laurel wreath, however, let's try to proceed step by step: where does this custom originate from? And it is better use the laurel wreath before or after the thesis defense?

Theurel wreath: when to use it and why it is given as a gift

If you've ever wondered why it's used to give a laurel wreath to the person who is graduating, know that in order to obtain the answer you have to go a little back in time: the habit of adorning the head with laurel was in fact a tradition of the ancient Romans, who considered the laurel (or lauro) a plant consecrated to the god Apollo, in turn an emblem of wisdom and intelligence.

For this reason, the laurel plant ended up being immediately traced back to a symbol of "honor", embellishing the heads of poets and other people believed to possess superior ingenuity.

Transferring these concepts to the present day, it is not wrong to affirm that modern people with greater talent are precisely those who complete a university course of study, and that thanks to their "knowledge" they can dignifiedly receive a gift. Theurel crown that can reward their efforts and commitments.

When to use the laurel wreath: before or after the defense of the thesis?

Remembering the above, it is easier to understand when using the laurel wreath and, in particular, whether or not it is right to use it before or after the defense of the thesis.

In strictly logical terms, the laurel wreath should be placed on the head after the discussion of the thesis and after the attribution of the title. Only after passing the "final test", in fact, the graduate can define himself as such and, therefore, can claim to have completed his studies.

However, it is also true that a serious mistake is not made in delivering the laurel wreath even before the discussion of the thesis, provided that - obviously - it is used for the usual photos only after that moment.

In short, since there is no inviolable label in this sense, it will be possible to adapt the habit to one's own context of reference, it being understood that logic dictates that the laurel wreath is used only when one's "greater knowledge" is certified with the positive discussion of his thesis.

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