Sparkling wine for graduation: why is it used to celebrate?

Spumante per laurea: perché si usa per festeggiare?

If you have attended graduation parties or other celebrations for the achievement of a good degree, you have probably seen that usually wines used to celebrate I am sparkling wines like it bubbly wine or, less commonly, champagne. These are wines that contain a good amount of carbon dioxide - enough to create many bubbles - and which allows the cork to be shot upwards when subjected to a moderate stress, creating the famous bang and the spill of the drink, if shaken. .

But why are sparkling wines to celebrate graduation? Why do you uncork a sparkling bottle to celebrate your degree?

Celebrate graduation with a sparkling wine

Celebrate a good milestone uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine it is a tradition deeply rooted in time, because - according to what the beliefs held - the sound of the bang was able to frighten evil spirits and negativity, thus preparing the environment in a more auspicious way.

Hence, once the bottle is uncorked, it is customary to applaud this event.

The graduation toast with sparkling wine

Even the toast made with sparkling wine has its symbolism, which has evolved over time up to the present day.

For example, in the Middle Ages it was customary to drop a little drink in the glass of the other, so that the other diners were sure that their drink did not contain any poiI amus substance. It was a way to demonstrate mutual trust, thus nurturing a context of harmony between all the diners.

This tradition has also continued to the present day, albeit with some variations. Specifically, rather than pour it bubbly wine in the glass of others, a few drops are dropped with which to wet the back of the ears, as a sign of good luck.

The toast, on the other hand, has remained almost unchanged over time, representing a very important moment to celebrate the right harmony between all the diners. Even if the customs related to the toast change from country to country, it is difficult to find an area of the world where there is still the habit of celebrating some good event through this custom.

Better a sparkling white wine, here for what other reasons

Finally, we conclude by remembering that the choice of a clear and white wine serves to indicate clarity, transparency and purity. Elements that are obviously welcome when you want to celebrate the achievement of an excellent and coveted result, such as that of the degree!

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