Discount codes

Welcome to the page dedicated to Discount Codes!

We have thought of different discount codes to meet your needs.

Here are the discounts currently active:

  1. Discount code CDBOX : you will get a 5% discount if you buy two or more items from our catalog, whether it is Corona + Bouquet, Corona + Favors (minimum 5) + Bouquet or any other combination.

  2. Discount code CDPREORDINE: you will get 5% discount if you place the order
    AT LEAST ONE MONTH BEFORE the graduation date.
    Even if you do not know exactly the day of the proclamation, you can provide us with this information at a later time on Whatsapp (we will contact you to define all the details of products and shipping).
    The discount is valid on all items in our catalog (a minimum order of 5 pieces is required for wedding favors).

  3. Discount code CDRITER: you will get a 10% discount valid on all products if you decide to collect them at our headquarters instead of receiving them at your home by courier.
    Our physical exercise is located in Zogno (BG), in Via Cesare Battisti, 13 - 24019

  4. Discount code CDGRUPPO: Make a group purchase with your college mates or friends. If you place an order of at least 5 crowns you are entitled to a discount based on the CD crowns chosen! Write to us before completing the order, we will notify you the value of the discount before making the purchase. The discount is also valid on collection at our office. This discount is valid for orders with the same delivery day and the same destination ONLY in the provinces of Bergamo, Milan and Brescia (for info contact us in DM or on WA).


N.B. : discount codes are NOT combinable


How to use the discount?

During the purchase phase, in the section dedicated to discount codes, you will have to enter "CDBOX", "CDPREORDINE" or "CDRITER": you will automatically be able to see the total to be paid (already discounted).
Once the purchase is complete, we will contact you to define all the details of your order.

For any problems and questions do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp button or e-mail, we will be happy to satisfy all your requests.